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Please take a moment to read this in order to choose an appropriate training journey.
We offer in-person training and virtual training.

-In-person lessons are sold in packages designed for best learning success. These are for all behaviors basic and behavior modification.

Paws 5 (5 lessons) is great for focusing on one to three behaviors.

Paws 10 (10 lessons) is great for dogs new to training, have a longer list of training goals or more challenging behavioral goals. Save $5 a lesson with this package.

Puppy Paws (6 lessons) is designed for dogs under 5 months and will cover puppy training basics and specific topics you are struggling with.

Day Training (16 lessons) Ideal package for the busy pet parent that wants to jumpstart their dogs training. Emily will create consistency and learning patterns, then train the hoomans. Save $10 a lesson with this package.

Training locations:
1. Our Training Center is in Lakewood, Colorado (near Wads/285)

2. At your home within our service area (see map below)

In client home service area:

If you are within our service area you may schedule "In-client home" option.

If you are out of our in-client home service area and will be traveling to us please choose the Lakewood option.

Pick your package and location below!

Buttons will take you to payment and scheduling.


Five 50 min training lessons.

For basic manners and Behavioral modification.

Dogs over 5 months.
Investment: $800


Ten 50 min training lessons.

For basic manners and Behavioral modification.

Dogs over 5 months.
Investment: $1550

6 Puppy lessons

Six 50 min training lessons focusing
on all things puppy.

Dogs under 5 months.

Investment: $960


Sixteen-50 min training lessons for basic manners, dogs of all ages.

This packages is designed to do four training lessons a week. Ideally three a week with dog and trainer and then one at end of week with owners, dog and trainer.
This package is ONLY available to clients within our service area.
Investment: $2400.
(split payment plan available )

Single Virtual Lesson

45 min Virtual lesson.

These are great for clients that live out of Colorado or for check in's/advice once you have completed our training program.

Investment: $70

Single Private Lesson


Need a refresher lesson?
Have a new concern come up?
We got ya and would be happy to help